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Birthdate:Jul 10
Born, raised (always in) Brasil, I was raised by nerd-geek radio DJ parents. Since as far as I can remember (my oldest memory is from when I was a year and a half), I have been surrounded by my dad's singing-reading-composing-over-protecting-me and my mom's writing-reading-occasionally-singing-worryingaboutmydadteachingmehowtodefendmyself(ing).
I can't complain about my childhood, but I confess that even though I had a reasonable number of friends (and was quite content with them, thank you), I was always imagining new ones for when I couldn't be with the real ones, so by the time I was 10, I had 15 imaginary friends (not counting the ghosts and apparitions here, though they would always find me).
When I was somewhere in my mid-13 years old, I had the idea of writing a book. Back then I thought it would be easy. Turns out I left it behind and moved on to my next projects (drawing, dancing, fighting with bullies, sending bullies to the infirmary after a oneyearofrepressedmixofemotions explosion...
So I was genuinely surprised but definitely pleased when that old idea of writing a book wad brought to me by my daemon goblin. He came to me and threw a pile of papers in the air, laughing as the maniac he is, and running away from me, leaving that mess all over the floor for me to gather and try to make something out of it.
The characters changed, the center of the story was changed, the meaning has changed, my mind has blown.
Now I'm here, trying to build a good story and knowing I'm going to do it for at least 20 years, just like Tolkien. Lucky me, yay!
That's me. Or at least the "me" I can tell. Hah!

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dancing; singing; writing; reading; drawing, romance; thriller; fantasy; distopy;, the beatles; rock; pop; broadway; opera; classic;, v for vendetta; cloud atlas; dreamworks; series
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